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I have an issue with Remote System Monitor. What to do?.

First, you can read this FAQ, and if you can't find a solution to your problem, do not hesitate to contact us. We probably can solve your issue easily.

What TRIGONE stands for?
"trigone" means triangle in Latin.



Android/BlackBerry Client

Application report "WINDOWS REGISTRY ERROR"
In some cases a corrupted Windows registry may prevent the system from providing some hardware information. Most of the time, this issue could be fixed by running the following command in a command prompt on your Windows computer:

lodctr /R

To open a command prompt click on start menu, and type cmd then press enter key.


It has never been reported yet, but if you have custom Windows registry configuration, it is possible that this command could reset some of them. For more information on lodctr command, see this page.

How To install Android Client on my Android device?
Go on Android Market. The link and QR-code to the application is available here.


How To install BlackBerry Client on my BlackBerry device?
Go on BlackBerry App World. The link and QR-code to the application is available here.


Which devices are supported?

Remote System Monitor should work on any Android device with Android 2.2 or above ( smartphones and tablets) and BlackBerry Playbook with BlackBerry OS 2.0 or BlackBerry phone with BlackBerry OS 10.


How tocreate a connection to a server?

  • On the first screen, click on "Add server connection" button.
  • In the field "Server name", enter the name which will be displayed in the list on the first screen.
  • In the field "Server address", enter the PC/server IP address.
  • If you don't want to enter a password every-time you connect to the server, check the "Save password?" check-box and enter your password. If you don't use a password for the server, do the same thing without entering a password in the text field.

How to set an alternate connection port?
At the end of the IP/address of the server, just add ':' followed by the port number.


How to edit an existing connection to a sever?
Just long press on the server/connection name and the configuration interface will appear.


How quitting/pausing/resuming the application works?

  • Using the "Return" key while connected to a computer on the main screen will disconnect it.
  • Using the "Return" key while not connected to a remote computer will exit the application.
  • Using "Home" key while connected to a remote computer will put the application in background. However, Remote System Monitor will continue to retrieve data from the remote computer allowing you to have up to date graph history when you will come back to the application.


Some menu items you are talking about in this FAQ are not available.
Sometime, menus have more than 6 items. When it happens, the 6th item is "more". Press this item to show the remaining menu items not visible in the main menu view. The missing menu items should be visible now.


Celcius is good, but I prefer Fahrenheit.
When you are in the main view, press Android menu button, select "Settings" then check the "Fahrenheit" checkbox and accept changes.


How to change graphs height in the main view?
When you are in the main view, press Android menu button, select "Settings" then change the height value and accept the changes. The height value must be between 10 and 512 pixels.


How to change graphs behaviour in Single Graph and Multi-Graph view?
In Single Graph and Multi-Graph, it is possible to have graphs starting at 0 or optimized to show only the range of values covered by sensors. To switch from one mode to the other, press Android menu button, choose "Configure rendering" then select "Start at 0" or "Optimise graph height". Note that graphs displaying a percentage start every time at 0% whatever the selected option is.


How to hide sensors groups or hardware on the main screen?
Just touch the title close to the expand/collapse symbol (+/-) to collapse the whole part. To expand it, just touch the title again.


How to hide a sensor in "Single Graph" view?
In the list of sensors, touch a sensor name to hide it. To show it, just touch it again.


How to display other type of sensor in "Single Graph" view?
While in "Single Graph" view, press Android "Menu" button. In the menu, select the kind of sensors you want.


How to choose the groups of sensors to display in "Multi-Graph" view?
While in Multi-Graph view, press Android menu button. The list of sensor groups available are displayed in the menu. Touch a sensor type to show or hide it. Sensor groups actually displayed are checked.


How to choose which sensor is displayed in a sensor group in "Multi-Graph" view?
While in Multi-Graph view, press Android menu button then press "Show sensors list". The list of available sensors is displayed for each sensor group. Uncheck a sensor to hide it. Check a sensor to display it.




Why do I need Remote System Monitor Server?
Remote System Monitor Server is the software which runs on your computer and provides system information (temperature, load, etc...) to your Android device.


What is the system requirement?
Remote System Monitor Server works on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with .Net framework 4.0. You can download an installer for Microsoft .Net 4 here. Note that the server installer will install .Net Framework 4.0 if it is not installed yet.


What Remote System Monitor Server is doing?
Remote System Monitor Server can only send system information like temperature, fan speed, load, voltage, etc... The server can't allow a hacker to take control of your computer, steal files or put your hardware in jeopardy by stopping fans, etc....


What port is used by Remote System Monitor Server?
The port used by default is port number 19150. However, you can change it using the Remote System Monitor Server Control panel. To know how to connect to this new port, see here.


How do I know the IP to connect to?
On the computer you installed Remote System Monitor Server, launch "Remote System Monitor Server Control" from Windows Start menu. In the window, you will find a list of IP addresses you can use to connect to the server. If there is more than one IP, use the one corresponding to the subnet your Android device is or can access.


I use the good IP, but my Android device can't connect. What can I do?
Please check the following points:
  • On the computer you installed Remote System Monitor Server, launch "Remote System Monitor Server Control" from Windows Start menu. Verify that the button in the middle indicate "Stop server". If it indicates:
    ¤ "No service": the server is not correctly installed. Please try reinstalling it.
    ¤ "Start server": click on "Start server" button. The server should start and indicate "Stop server" in the button you clicked on. A green message should indicate that everything works correctly.
  • If everything above is ok, you have to check your firewall settings. To verify that the issue come from your firewall, start by disabling the firewall and test if you can connect. Then reactivate you firewall (do not leave the firewall disabled). To disable/enable firewall, please check the following tutorials:
    ¤ Windows XP
    ¤ Windows Vista
    ¤ Windows 7
  • If disabling the firewall fixed the issue, then you have to add Remote System Monitor Server to the software authorized to connect to internet. The file to add is "RemoteSystemMonitorServer.exe" situated in installation folder. To add it to firewall authorized software, follow the instructions below (if the software is not in the list, use "Allow another program..." button to add it).
    ¤ Windows XP
    ¤ Windows Vista
    ¤ Windows 7


How to set a password to restrict access to sensors information?

Open "Remote System Monitor Server Control". In the main windows, in the section "Set New Server Password", type the password you want in the text box, and press "Set new Password" to record this new password.


When I start the server, after a few seconds it is reported that it doesn't work.

Most of the time this issue come from an issue with Windows configuration. Please, check Windows Registry issue FAQ question to see how to fix it.




Temperature is not correctly reported with my Intel atom CPU?

An update will be available as soon as this bug will be fixed.