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I have an issue with Remote System Monitor. What to do?

First, you can read this FAQ, and if you can't find a solution to your problem, do not hesitate to contact me. We probably can solve your issue easily.

What TRIGONE stands for?
"trigone" means triangle in Latin.



How to configure a dashboard? Watch this video

Connection is stuck with message "Connected. Initializing. Please wait…"

It's possible you installed the x86 version of the server on a 64bits Windows. Try reinstalling the 64bits version.

If the suggestion above doesn't work, open the server console on your computer, click on the message in red at the top and follow instructions.


Error while trying to donate on my old phone

On old versions of Android (4.1, 4.2, 4.3 etc... for example) Google no more provide the ability to update Google Play Store and Google Play Services apps to the last version compatible. This issue appears if you haven't updated your device for a long time or if you made a factory reset.

To solve this issue you need to manually install (it's called "sideloading") the last version of Google Play and Google Play Services.

Here are the two files to install to update Google Play and Google Play Services. Download them from your phone, then open the download folder and click on them to install them. Note that you may need to enable "Unknown source install" option in your phone to be able to install them. To know how to do that, check this page.

This two apps are safe to use. If they were not official Google apps, your phone would refuse to update the existing version of these apps.


I donated on a phone but the donation is not recognized on my other device.

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  • on the other device, uninstall the app
  • open Google Play
  • ensure the gmail account selected is the one you used for the donation
  • reinstall the app


If this doesn't fix the issue, do the following:

  • on the other device, uninstall the app
  • open Android settings
  • go in "Applications" or "Apps"
  • delete the data for Google Play and Google Play Services apps
  • then open Google Play
  • ensure the gmail account selected is the one you used for the donation
  • reinstall the app


I can't connect to the server or can't see the serer in the server list.

There are several possible origin but first, on the computer you installed Remote System Monitor Server, launch "Remote System Monitor Server Control" from Windows Start menu and verify that the button at the bottom left indicates "Stop server". If it's OK, then follow the instructions below


Check your Firewall

First of all you need to ensure your network connection location is configured as private network. To do that, follow these instructions. If you use a wired connection, the instructions for you start at the middle of the page.

If it still doesn't work, in windows, go to Control Panel => System and Security => Windows Defender Firewall => Allowed

Then allow Remote System Monitor server like on the picture below


Check your Antivirus

It is possible an Antivirus detect the server as a malware by error. It may happen sometime after  an Antivirus update. Just allow the server in your antivirus and report the server as false positive to your antivirus manufacturer.



Check your Router

A common issue with the connection is a feature call "Access Point Isolation" (AP isolation) which may be enabled by default on your router. this feature prevent devices connected to the WIFI to connect top other devices on the network. You can check if the feature is available in your Wifi configuration on your router. Sometime, if it's a router provided by your ISP, you can just contact it and ask to disable the feature.

I can't see sensors from my AMD Radeon graphic card

It seems that some radeon drivers have some issues from time to time. to fix this, do the following:



Which Android devices are supported?

Remote System Monitor should work on any Android device with Android 4.1 or above ( smartphones and tablets).



How to create a connection to a server?

Servers should be detected automatically if the Android device and the PC are on the same local network. However, you can create one manually.

  • On the first screen, click on "Add server connection" button.
  • In the field "Server name", enter the name which will be displayed in the list on the first screen.
  • In the field "Server address", enter the PC/server IP address.
  • If you don't want to enter a password every-time you connect to the server, check the "Save password?" check-box and enter your password.



How to edit an existing connection to a sever?

Just long press on the server/connection name and the configuration interface will appear.



Celsius is good, but I prefer Fahrenheit.

When you are in the main view, press Android menu button on the top left corner, select "Settings" then enable the "Use °F" switch.



How to hide sensors groups or hardware on the main screen?

Just touch the title close to the expand/collapse symbol to collapse the whole part. To expand it, just touch the title again.



How to reorder/hide groups in GRAPHS view?

Long press on any graph. In the dialog:

  • check/uncheck the checkbox to show/hide a sensor group.
  • long press on a group name then drag it to change its position.



How to hide a sensor in "DETAIL" view?

In the list of sensors, touch a sensor name to hide it. To show it, just touch it again.



How to display other type of sensor in "GRAPHS" view?

Go to the multi-graph view and click on the sensor group you want to see in GRAPHS view.



How to choose which sensor is displayed in a sensor group in "GRAPHS" view?

Click on the sensor group you want to modify. It will be displayed in "DETAIL" view. There, click on the sensors to show/hide them.



Why do I need Remote System Monitor Server?

Remote System Monitor Server is the software which runs on your computer and provides system information (temperature, load, etc...) to your Android device.



What is the system requirement?

Remote System Monitor Server works on Windows 7/8/10 with .Net framework 4.0. You can download an installer for Microsoft .Net 4.7 here. Note that the server installer will install .Net Framework 4.7 if it is not installed yet.



What Remote System Monitor Server is doing?

Remote System Monitor Server  send system information like temperature, fan speed, load, voltage, etc...  and allow to control fans if the option is enabled on the server.



What port is used by Remote System Monitor Server?

The port used by default is port number 19150. However, you can change it using the Remote System Monitor Server Control panel. To know how to connect to this new port, see here.

How can I connect to my computer from the Internet?

To do that, you need to create a port forwarding on your router. To know how to do that, you can check this tutorial.

When the port forwarding is created, you will have to manually create a new server configuration and set the correct IP, port, etc... If you connect from the Internet and from your local network, you will have two server configuration. Note, for the server configured to connect from the Internet, the green light on your server icon will never be active.

If your outside IP can change, you should use a service like DynDns or any other equivalent service supported by your router.